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Brand and Quality

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Would you be able to get your old failed gearbox back to us (At your own cost)?

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Can you provide us with an engine code and/or gearbox code (You may have to ask a technical person for these details)?

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If you cant make a trip right away and would like to know more about what the job might cost, or how long it will take, please answer the questions below:

Would you prefer to buy another gearbox, or do you have time to repair your gearbox and possibly save money?

Which warranty would you require?

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Mayfair Gearbox's 23 Years In Business

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Quality Gearbox Services

There are no alternatives to quality gearbox services. Passenger and commercial vehicles are in use around Southern Africa under the most difficult conditions, off road as well as on tar. The robustness and dependability of our workmanship is therefor of the utmost importance. We at Mayfair uncompromisingly strive towards the highest possible quality gearbox services through out production, and it is this consistent focus and excellent value for money that has made the Mayfair Gearbox brand a leader in the Remanufacturing Market. After all, only those who have a well-defined position can lead the way.

Aftermarket Efficiencies

Mayfair Gearbox remanufacturing process involves working hand in hand with the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), essentially becoming an extension of their business. We process used OEM parts, taking apart and cleaning them, replacing the tired components with original high-quality components and returning them to their original functionality and fit. After this has been done, we test them to a specification agreed upon by ourselves and the OEM. These remanufactured units are then returned to our client's distribution channels and operate "as new", but with the added advantage of the efficiency of the remanufacturing process. Remanufactured parts are most often 30-50% more affordable than brand new parts. Our well researched and technological process has been proven by some of the world’s leading automotive OEMs to generate superior performance with regards to material recovered from the core original.

Product design improvements

With our vast experience and expertise as an independent, Original Equipment Manufacturer -approved remanufacturer, we don't simply replace components. At Mayfair we take it upon ourselves to improve on and exceed original product performance. We work on design weaknesses, thereby enhancing performance and durability. We also provide independent and thorough feedback to the customer's design team. This supports and upholds the ethics of the Design-For-Remanufacturing processes.

Our Memberships include:

quality gearbox services

TRNi is a world-wide network of well over one thousand actual transmission technicians, collaborating with one another on problems, fixes, hydraulics, functions, homemade tools, assembly tips, diagnosis, bench techniques, part locating and reviewing, and installation tips for the transmission repair industry.

quality gearbox service

ATRA - the Automatic Transmission Rebuilders Association - is a world-wide trade association focusing on the professional automatic transmission repair industry.

gearbox services

SABS is a statutory body that was founded in terms of the Standards Act, 1945 (Act No. 24 of 1945) and continues to function in terms of the latest edition of the Standards Act, 2008 (Act No. 29 of 2008) as the national institution for the promotion and maintenance of standardization and quality in connection with commodities and the rendering of services.

 gearbox service

ATSG is the biggest employee-owned, technical support service in the Automatic Transmission Industry. They offer a technical hotline, software, bulletins, books, technical courses and seminars to the automatic transmission professional.

ReMaTecNews is the only international magazine dedicated to automotive and heavy duty remanufacturing worldwide. It is an independent channel for news, views and developments within the remanufacturing industry.


For more information on our quality gearbox services, Contact Us!

Quick Facts

Who We Are

Mayfair Gearbox is a National and International supplier of fleet reman gearboxes, diffs and propshafts. We are led by a Management Team of true industry professionals who have pioneered the gearbox remanufacturing industry. Mayfair Gearbox has been established for 25 years in the Industry.

What We Do

Mayfair Gearbox is the solution to limit your fleet’s downtime! We are quality driven to provide only the finest remanufactured gearboxes, diffs and propshafts.

What Makes Us The Best

Commitment and integrity to provide outstanding quality, exceptional service and support at all times, to you our valued Customer. Endorsed by 22 Vehicle manufacturers and a National Footprint of 14 Branches.

Product Division

Heavy Commercial & Buses
Truck Gearbox Repairs Bus Gearbox Repairs
Earthmoving 4 x 4
Earthmoving Gearbox Repairs 4X4 Gearbox Repairs
Passenger Manual Passenger Automatic
Manual Gearbox Repairs Automatic Gearbox Repairs

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Recycle More

Remanufacturing = Sustainability + Efficiency

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Mayfair Gearbox's 23 Years In Business

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