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Mayfair Gearbox's 23 Years In Business

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Community Upliftment

Nkosinathi Thuli

Nkosinathi has Cerebral Palsy and became a friend of Mayfair Gearbox in 2008 when we heard of his plight via 94.7 Highveld Stereo.

Mayfair Gearbox sponsored him a motorised wheelchair and full computer setup with internet and email which helps him communicate with the outside world and those close to him. Nkosinathi is an inspiration to us all and has touched our hearts with his cheerful smile.


Jody Duke

Jody was born on 29th April 2001 and diagnosed with Linear Sebaceous Nevus Syndrome.

Mayfair Gearbox were touched by her story sent in to 94.7 Highveld Stereo by Karen Cook who works for Jody's Father Neil.

Jody is a very lucky girl to have such a loving supportive family and we wish her well.



Mayfair Baptist Church

Mayfair Gearbox is a proud sponsor of the Mayfair Baptist Church and Joe Slovo Outreach Project ably headed up by Pastor Willie Dengler who, together with his team, work tirelessly to improve the lives of the less fortunate in our Community.


SAPS Widows and Orphans Fund

This Fund was set up to the benefit of members of the Police service. At present the Fund gives financial assistance to approximately 889 widows / widowers and 2980 children that have lost loved ones that contributed to this fund.


Mayfair Gearbox spotlights SAPS

Mayfair Gearbox Nationwide entered into a business partnership with Alberton SAPS in an effort to contribute to the crime prevention in Alberton.

06 July 2012 | Zelda Viljoen

On June 28 search spotlights were handed over to Colonel van Vuuren, station commander of Alberton Police station by Mr Lee Ross, Marketing Director of Mayfair Gearbox Nationwide.

Colonel van Vuuren Alberton SAPS and Mr Lee Ross, Marketing Director of Mayfair Gearbox Nationwide.


The handover was aimed at an ongoing partnership between Alberton Police station and Mayfair Gearbox Nationwide in crime fighting and crime prevention. The aim of the partnership is to sponsor or provide tools for the SAP to perform their task better and be better equipped for crime prevention going forward.

Quick Facts

Who We Are

Mayfair Gearbox is a National and International supplier of fleet reman gearboxes, diffs and propshafts. We are led by a Management Team of true industry professionals who have pioneered the gearbox remanufacturing industry. Mayfair Gearbox has been established for 25 years in the Industry.

What We Do

Mayfair Gearbox is the solution to limit your fleet’s downtime! We are quality driven to provide only the finest remanufactured gearboxes, diffs and propshafts.

What Makes Us The Best

Commitment and integrity to provide outstanding quality, exceptional service and support at all times, to you our valued Customer. Endorsed by 22 Vehicle manufacturers and a National Footprint of 14 Branches.

Product Division

Heavy Commercial & Buses
Truck Gearbox Repairs Bus Gearbox Repairs
Earthmoving 4 x 4
Earthmoving Gearbox Repairs 4X4 Gearbox Repairs
Passenger Manual Passenger Automatic
Manual Gearbox Repairs Automatic Gearbox Repairs

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Remanufacturing = Sustainability + Efficiency