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Mayfair Gearbox's 23 Years In Business

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Signs that your 4x4 could be acting up

Four-wheel drive vehicles also experience the common car problems. The upside is that they are typically stronger and more rugged than an ordinary car. The downside is that they have more mechanical bits, which means more could go wrong. Some owners believe that a 4WD is indestructible and requires no maintenance but this is a myth.

There are general points to examine and danger signals to look for when purchasing a four-wheel drive. A thorough maintenance record is an excellent start, particularly on the more multifaceted luxury four-wheel vehicles.


Examining the chassis can expose evidence of overworking, hard driving and neglect. Chassis braces can snap where they at conjunction with the main frame if the vehicle is overloaded and driven carelessly on rough roads.

Steel chassis are vulnerable to rust. Inspect the front and rear cross-members and any low-slung points. See that all drain holes are clean or else dirt and mud could accumulate and hold water.


Four-wheel drives need more maintenance than ordinary cars, but access is usually easier because of its height and overall size. There could be two axle differentials, a gearbox, a transfer case, a steering swivel-housings, a steering box, a steering idler, an engine that can require an oil check frequently and all are prone to water contamination from wading. Had the former owner checked them all and service them regularly? Oil contaminated by water has a pale brown shade. And the universal joints (there can be six or more) and the prop shaft slip joints?


Immense loads and uneven roads could result in sagging springs. Sagging springs can lead to the hammering of suspension bump stops and cause chassis damage. Hefty front-mounted winches make this more probable except if stronger front springs are installed.

4WD shock absorbers usually suffer the most. Check for fluid leakage, even if an assessment on a dynamic test rig is the only means of ensuring the shock absorbers' health. Are the shock absorber mountings and the bushes making noise?


Inspect to see if rust is around the undersides of doors and tailgates where water and mud might collect and block drain holes. Any semi-enclosed space is a vulnerable - e.g. chassis parts, particularly where mud gets flung up and collects.

A number of four-wheel drives are often used for towing boats and guess what, salt water is bad! There may be significant signs of rust on steel wheels, brake plates, and springs.


Four-wheel drives that have been converted from a front- or rear-wheel drive need to be very carefully examined; it is challenging to modify a 4WD and remain with as well-adjusted a vehicle as its original form. Is the vehicle registered as it currently is? Does the 4WD have a certified engineer's certificate? Should a bigger engine be fitted, will the cooling system, transmission, brakes etc. survive the additional performance? Is it easy to access the oil filter, spark plugs etc. for consistent servicing? Was any re-wiring done carefully? These are important questions you should consider because insurance companies are apprehensive of non-standard vehicles.

Should you encounter any of these issues, the perfect place for you to get your vehicle checked by skilled professionals would be Mayfair Gearbox. Mayfair Gearbox is a nationally and internationally renowned supplier and repairs’ experts, specialising in fleet gearboxes, diffs, and prop shafts. Their commitment and integrity aim to provide exceptional quality, outstanding service, and support at all times. For more information, visit their website.

Quick Facts

Who We Are

Mayfair Gearbox is a National and International supplier of fleet reman gearboxes, diffs and propshafts. We are led by a Management Team of true industry professionals who have pioneered the gearbox remanufacturing industry. Mayfair Gearbox has been established for 20 years in the Industry.

What We Do

Mayfair Gearbox is the solution to limit your fleet’s downtime! We are quality driven to provide only the finest remanufactured gearboxes, diffs and propshafts.

What Makes Us The Best

Commitment and integrity to provide outstanding quality, exceptional service and support at all times, to you our valued Customer. Approved by most manufacturers and a National Footprint of 14 Branches.

Product Division

Heavy Commercial & Buses
Truck Gearbox Repairs Bus Gearbox Repairs
Earthmoving 4 x 4
Earthmoving Gearbox Repairs 4X4 Gearbox Repairs
Passenger Manual Passenger Automatic
Manual Gearbox Repairs Automatic Gearbox Repairs

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Mayfair Gearbox's 23 Years In Business

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