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Would you prefer to buy another gearbox, or do you have time to repair your gearbox and possibly save money?

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Mayfair Gearbox's 23 Years In Business

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The importance of transmission fluid

The Importance of Transmission Fluid

A proactive car owner needs to be constantly on alert and they will listen for any screeching or new noises that may come from the car. Some signs will be more noticeable than others such as the car suddenly stalling. Sometimes there aren’t even any warning signs and the problem can become critical before you realise it. Listening out for noises is how you can prevent problems from becoming worse.

The purpose of transmission fluid

The purpose of transmission fluid is to keep the parts inside the gearbox cool and well lubricated. The gearbox generates extreme heat and it is vital to keep it cool and well lubricated. If the transmission fluid is low, it can cause irreversible damage to the gearbox as well as other parts of the vehicle. If the fluid burns out completely, the transmission will burn up which could very costly.

Transmission replacement is expensive

Loss of acceleration and problems when shifting gears are the most common transmission problems that may arise. But the most catastrophic problem that can arise in your gearbox is a complete gearbox failure. This is very serious and extremely expensive. Your gearbox is one of the most complex pieces of machinery ever created and if you are forced to replace your gearbox, rather get a refurbished gearbox from Mayfair Gearbox. This will save you a pretty penny and the gearbox is as good as new anyway. The problems with transmission fluid will grow gradually and the abruptly put a halt on your vehicles ability to drive. Breaking down on the highway during peak hour traffic is something that every motorist would want to avoid and you can do this by regularly checking the level of your transmission fluid.

Ways to check transmission fluid problems

Transmission fluid problems can go undetected like a highly skilled thief. They creep up on your vehicle and create serious problems if the fluid levels aren’t checked regularly. The simplest test would be to check the colour of the fluid, a red colour will mean that the fluid is good and a brown colour will mean the fluid needs to be changed. If there is a small puddle forming under the vehicle isn’t oil, then it could be transmission fluid. If you are experiencing trouble when shifting gears, your transmission fluid is likely the cause.

Mayfair Gearbox rebuild all kinds of transmissions so if you miss the signs of your gearbox failing, you can save a huge chunk of cash by buying a refurbished gearbox.

Quick Facts

Who We Are

Mayfair Gearbox is a National and International supplier of fleet reman gearboxes, diffs and propshafts. We are led by a Management Team of true industry professionals who have pioneered the gearbox remanufacturing industry. Mayfair Gearbox has been established for 20 years in the Industry.

What We Do

Mayfair Gearbox is the solution to limit your fleet’s downtime! We are quality driven to provide only the finest remanufactured gearboxes, diffs and propshafts.

What Makes Us The Best

Commitment and integrity to provide outstanding quality, exceptional service and support at all times, to you our valued Customer. Approved by most manufacturers and a National Footprint of 14 Branches.

Product Division

Heavy Commercial & Buses
Truck Gearbox Repairs Bus Gearbox Repairs
Earthmoving 4 x 4
Earthmoving Gearbox Repairs 4X4 Gearbox Repairs
Passenger Manual Passenger Automatic
Manual Gearbox Repairs Automatic Gearbox Repairs

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Mayfair Gearbox's 23 Years In Business

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