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Would you prefer to buy another gearbox, or do you have time to repair your gearbox and possibly save money?

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Mayfair Gearbox's 23 Years In Business

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You know what really grinds your gears? Not taking care of your gearbox.

You know what really grinds your gears? Not taking care of your gearbox.

Gearboxes are a fundamental device needed in any vehicle, enabling the vehicle to drive. Gearboxes ensure that the correct amount of power from the engine is sent to the wheels in the most efficient way possible while also taking into consideration the speed that the vehicle is currently travelling at.

How to prevent your gearbox from failing or breaking down.

1. Check the gearbox fluid often.

Your fluid should be checked every 2000km. you need to look at the colour, the smell and the level of the fluid. Fluid should be changed every 80 000km or every second year.

2. Always use the correct fluid.

Different vehicles will use different fluids. Modern fluids are a bit more expensive than they used to be but new technology will protect your transmission more effectively than older fluids.

3. Never overfill your gearbox.

Just like you can’t over eat without feeling weird, you can’t overfill your gearbox. Consult your owner’s manual when refilling the fluid, too much fluid will cause it to start foaming, stripping away lubrication, which can damage your gearbox.

4. Avoid excess heat in your gearbox.

Heat is a gear boxes worst enemy. 91% of gearbox failure is due to overheating. You can install an auxiliary cooler to combat the excess heat which can save your gearbox a lot of trouble.

5. Avoid overloading your vehicle.

If you do a lot of towing, ensure you only tow weights that your vehicle and transmission can handle. Towing puts stress on your gearbox and pulling a load that is too heavy will cause the gearbox to overheat.

6. Allow your vehicle to warm up on cold mornings.

Don’t rush into things on those cold winter mornings, let your car idle for a couple of minutes so that the gearbox can warm up a bit. Avoid heavy changing until the car is properly warmed up.

7. Avoid skipping too many gears when changing

Changing from 5th to 2nd or 1st will not only put strain on your engine but also on your gearbox. The same applies when changing from 1st to 4th, it strains your gearbox and the car will probably stall.

Gearboxes are like your stomach and how you treat and maintain them will determine how well they work, the wrong food or too much food is bad. At Mayfair gearbox we are committed to providing excellent service and advice when it comes to your gearbox.

Quick Facts

Who We Are

Mayfair Gearbox is a National and International supplier of fleet reman gearboxes, diffs and propshafts. We are led by a Management Team of true industry professionals who have pioneered the gearbox remanufacturing industry. Mayfair Gearbox has been established for 20 years in the Industry.

What We Do

Mayfair Gearbox is the solution to limit your fleet’s downtime! We are quality driven to provide only the finest remanufactured gearboxes, diffs and propshafts.

What Makes Us The Best

Commitment and integrity to provide outstanding quality, exceptional service and support at all times, to you our valued Customer. Approved by most manufacturers and a National Footprint of 14 Branches.

Product Division

Heavy Commercial & Buses
Truck Gearbox Repairs Bus Gearbox Repairs
Earthmoving 4 x 4
Earthmoving Gearbox Repairs 4X4 Gearbox Repairs
Passenger Manual Passenger Automatic
Manual Gearbox Repairs Automatic Gearbox Repairs

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Remanufacturing = Sustainability + Efficiency

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Mayfair Gearbox's 23 Years In Business

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